What would Roger do?

We have a dachshund called Roger.

This is Roger.

He is a hyper-focussed dog and it is very impressive. He loves tennis balls and when he has it, he will enjoy it. He will play with it, chew it up and not stop moving until you take it away.

At some point we have to take it away to make him calm down. We take his ball and put it in a drawer. He knows that his balls live in this drawer and so his focus shifts.

He will then stare at that drawer until you a) let him have his ball back or b) he forgets about it (up to an hour later). This is Roger’s life and the ball is his life.

I write about Roger to show the power of focus. I’m not saying that you always have to think about your business. But it helps.

It helps if you can stay focussed for short periods of time. The reason we made the six day business is that it is a small period of time. It means you can set a goal with a very clear end and know what you need to do by then.

A challenge with goal setting is that we forget what our goals are. Or we don’t look at them after we set them. We focus on writing and visualising them, and then never look at at them again. We put them in a drawer and then look at them 12 months later. And then we look at them 12 months later and think “if only I’d started this 12 months ago!”

This happens with business too. You start off strong but then get distracted by life. Your day-job gets in the way or you don’t find the time. This is life and it happens. To push these six days through, you have to set time aside, focus, and make sure you have something to share with your customers.

You can take a break after those six days knowing that when you’re asked the question “what does your business do”, you have an answer.

Always keep in mind “What would Roger do”.