The Businesses

The Businesses

Let’s start our own!

Let’s start some businesses. 

We know that going through our book can be too conceptual and so instead we will take you inside the process of our very own six day businesses to show you how we would do it.

We have lots of ideas and I’m sure you do too. We regularly run out of energy on the ideas that we start and so to force us to finish we have set a number of criteria:

For Sale

At the end of the six days a client has to be able to purchase something.


Stick to one message for one product on one channel. 


We’ve got to have fun coming up with, and starting these businesses.


It doesn’t count if it isn’t finished. As Seth Godin says – Just Ship.

Creating these criteria forces us to finish. Finishing is important. If you don’t finish you don’t know whether your idea has an audience, and an audience is important. So often we get stuck at the last stage when we have to put what we have created out in the world. This is scary but has to be done.

For each business we start we will take you along on the journey including how much we have spent and what we have done each step of the way. We want to make this as transparent as possible to bring you along for the ride.

The Businesses

Partner With Us

We only have so much time. The same time as everyone else, but we like to spend ours starting businesses. Scaling them isn’t really our thing. What we do like doing is working with talented people who want to get involved. 

If you like the look of our businesses, or think you can add value, then let us know.