Business is just people doing things

One of our corner values (I guess you’d call it a value) is that someone made everything.

Someone. Made. Everything.

It’s true. Look around you. The phone you’re staring at, the floor you’re standing on, the chair you’re sitting in.

Someone thought of it. Built it. Sold it.

This is important to remember. From the outside, a business looks like a well-oiled machine. Lots of busy people doing important things. Everyone knows what they’re supposed to do and everyone is excellent at what they do.

It’s not.

They’re not.

Most of the time it’s people doing things and trying things. Sometimes well. Sometimes awfully.

That’s it.

I cannot overstate how important this is to keep in mind.

Someone made everything.

Remembering this simple fact can help you battle imposter syndrome.

At the start, it might feel like you can’t compete. But they were also where you were at some point.

A business is not a thing, it doesn’t exist in any physical sense beyond the people and assets they have. It’s a group of people that decided to do some stuff in exchange for some money.

Sometimes they like what they’re doing, sometimes they don’t.

Sometimes they’re good at it, sometimes they’re not.

Sometimes they’re successful, sometimes they’re not.

It’s a group of people like you.

The next time you think “I can’t compete”, keep this in mind.