The Book

Buy what one author’s mother is calling a ‘Must Read’.

Running a business will be one of the most difficult things you ever attempt. After starting a business (and struggling to say the least) they realised there were a number of questions they should’ve and could’ve asked that would have saved them lots of time and money. They took the lessons they learned and put them into an actionable, easy to follow plan that forces you take action on your idea because most people talk about a great business idea they’ve had, most don’t do anything about it. This book is for you if: – You’ve had a business idea in your head for years and don’t know where to start. – You are overwhelmed because any business book you pick up is 400 pages long and makes you take no action. – You understand business but don’t know where to start with your own idea. – You are helping/mentoring/coaching/advising people who want to start a business but struggle to take the first step alone. – You have a relative/friend/partner who keeps talking about their incredible idea but you’ve never seen any action taken. This book is a polite way of saying “just get on with it.” – You’ve started businesses in the past and know how much time/energy it can take if you don’t ask the right questions at the start. – You want to try something new. – Business seems to be something that ‘other people’ do and you don’t think you’re able to do it (you are able!).