Start Some Businesses.
Have Some Fun.

Get out of your own way

If there were two things that we’d tell any founder is:

1. Everything was made by someone.

You look around and anything yuo can see was concieved, built and sold by someone. And when they started they had no more knowledge than you do now. But they started.

And in reality, starting is the easiest part. It is grinding year after year to make something succesful that is the tough part.

But without starting – you can’t go on.

2. No-one knows what they are doing all the time.

And in reality, most people who you admire don’t know what thye are doing most of the time. No-one knows (or could ever) know everything that would make their decisions perfect.

But if you don’t tell someone about your ideas, you’ll never know whether they’re worth going.

And that’s where we come in.

We get it, it’s tough to share your ideas. Everyone can share their opinion (and sometimes too much) but when it comes to an idea, something you’ve concieved and you love, it can be tough.

Even this page that I’m writing – this idea could be, and probably will be, ridiculed at some point. But if it’s ridiculed, it means it is in front of someone and someone has taken the time to ridicule. A small victory perhaps.

But I digress.

The Six Day Business has been set up partly to help you start businesses (our end goal) but also for us, the founders, to record our journey starting as many ‘finished’ businesses as possible. We always have great ideas but putting them in to practice is the tough part. And how would we define ‘finished’ as a busienss is never truely finished.

All of the businesses that we start follow the same criteria:

  • Something to Buy – At the end of the six days you have to be able to purchase something.
  • Simple – The business is self-contained and very specific. E.g. we don’t offer 1,000 services that we could come up with if someone wanted to buy them.
  • Scale – It can scale (if someone were to spend the time on it).
  • Fun – businesses that bring some joy to us and we enjoy making them.
  • Finished – It doesn’t count if it isn’t finished. As Seth Godin says – Just Ship
These criteria will be updated as we go along but we want you right there with us as the process happens. We want your feedback, participation and engagement to see which ideas have legs and which we should take out back to shoot.

We also want you to get involved and tell us about your own Six Day Businesses. We have a book (finished), course (in development) and bootcamp (also in development).
Again – we have launched this sooner than we could have, but we wanted these ideas out there. The book has been finished for two years (as of 28th October 2020 when I was writing this) and now it’s time to get out there.