Day Two – Make a Prototype

Now that you are clear ‘Why You Are Here’ in Day One we can get going with making a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP).

Without further ado, make your product come to life! As with every step on this website, you are supposed to get it done in one day. You want to make it as quick as possible and with as little investment as possible (money and time), just get it out there!

Even though first impressions are important, people do understand a sample, and that’s what you want in this step. The sample should embody the DNA of your brand, and give a good indication of the final product – key features, design and price. 

Let’s watch the video!

Worksheets for Day 2 can be

Video Five – The Difference Between Products and Services

Figure out whether you will be sellling a service or a product. Both have pros and cons and hte approach to a prototype will be different.

Video Six – Making your product prototype

Video Seven – Making your service prototype

Video Eight – Case Study