Day Five – Selling

By now you have an idea of how you want your product to look like, who you’re targeting, what are your price point is – based on brands you look up.

Now is the most important part and the whole point of the ‘Six Day Business’ – testing the market.

Up until this point the idea has been in your head – now it is time to get feedback from the market to see what people think. Remember – at the end of this process you will either have an idea that is ready to be developed, needs to be developed more, or dropped and go back to the drawing board.

Worksheets for Day Five can be found here.

Video Fifteen – Where are you selling?

Video Sixteen – Approaching Sales Channels

For this exercise we will test the market in three different ways:

  1. B2C
    1. Selling online
      1. Set-up etsy or asos
      2. Involves taking photos etc.
    2. Selling in established location where you can have your own stall
      1. This is the toughest option because consumers will be putting their money where their mouth is.
      2. This is one of the quickest ways to find out if product is working.
      3. Could partner with someone who has a stall.
  2. B2B –
    1. Selling to retail – Professional opinion on product
      1. Take it to a store or find a buyer.