Day Three – Brand Identity

Brand Identity is important. It can set you apart from the competition, explain what you do, and be what identifies you. In Day Three you will work on both your brand name and logo.

You need to think carefully about what your brand name to be. Do you want it to be your name or maybe a new slang word like “on fleek”? Or how about a generic word that would bring back 1.9 million results on a search engine?

If you have a gimmick to your product, if you already have something in mind that means a lot to you, and makes you feel like it will look and feel equally great to have on your business card just put it down. It is important that it means something to you. At this point you are only doing a very quick branding exercise, so you can easily develop it once you have a better idea of which way you want your company to go. 

As with all of our exercises, you want to get something down on paper that you can use, looks fairly professional and that you’re happy to take to potential clients.

Video Nine – Creating a Name

Key points on choosing a name:

  • Memorable and easy to pronounce.
  • Not taken by another company – search on or to see if it already exists.
  • Check to see if the name is available for when you want your own website.

Video Ten – Making a Logo

If you can’t do it yourself take an hour and a notebook and do some random drawing and sketches to show what you envision for a logo. If you don’t think you can make it yourself you can go to fiverr, search logo, and then they will g. t a logo back to you within a few hours.

It is very helpful to have a colour scheme, an icon, and a few examples of logos that you liked before so that you can give the designer a starting point.

You can find if you completely lack ideas. Also take some time and read a few articles about successful companies and what their logo actually means. If you completely lack ideas

Video Eleven – Case Study